Ramses II

by Nova Scotia

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Originally released on PseudoArcana Records (PA068): www.pseudoarcana.com

Recorded live at 91 Aro Street Gallery on the 4th December, 2004.


"Nova Scotia are the young upstarts of the NZ improvised drone and noise scene. Anyone familiar with their CD on Metonymic will be excited to see this new release. Recorded live in a small Wellington gallery 'Ramses II' catches the band (for the most part...) at their most restrained and subtle. Crystal glasses sing, distant pipes whistle, and beautiful acoustic guitar figures hang in the air. The recurring theme that glues the different movements together is an ancient 78 recording of a freight train played at rumbling volume on an equally ancient gramophone. Odd squalling saxaphone skronks serve as a tibetobuddhist style 'be here now' for those who have been lulled into an ethereal snooze..." (Antony Milton)

"New live working from the free NZ trio who levitated a whole bunch of beards with their last release on Metonymic. This one features Richard Whyte, Rick Jensen and Dean Brown live on 04/12/04 in Wellington, New Zealand and works blasted skeleton forms from low-level percussive shuffle, slow hurricanes of malformed tone, pitched wine glasses and saxophone squawk. Parts of this sound like a huge abandoned galleon being slowly blown to pieces by slow-motion tides. Fans of AMM, NNCK and even later Shadow Ring might well wanna smoke on these bones." (Volcanic Tongue)

All music by Dean Brown, Rick Jensen and Dick Whyte.


released January 1, 2005




Nova Scotia New Zealand

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